The Allure Of The Mediterranean


Sunny seaside days, exciting cosmopolitan cities, and the promise of a relaxed lifestyle with an appetizing menu of feel-good, healthy food. It is no surprise that tourists and would-be expats alike flock to the Mediterranean areas of Europe in a bid to experience a slice of the good life. For some, a two-week getaway is enough to leave them satisfied and to bid a sun kissed farewell at the end of their stay before planning their next trip away again. For property hunters, the allure of the Med is the promise of a new way of life and a rejuvenating sunshine lifestyle.

For property owners with Mediterranean real estate or rentals on the market, the popularity of the region can herald lucrative rewards. With tourists and investors shying away from many other locations due to civil and political unrest, economic slumps, and health concerns the Med seems to have come into sharper focus for holidaymakers and property investors from home and abroad.

Highlighting the Med’s appeal should be part of any marketing strategy. The market is buoyant and with rising demand-supply is increasing too; reinvigorating the need to market how the allure of the Mediterranean is customised to your property for sale or rent. What do people love about the Med and how does this relate to the reality of what your property setting and location can offer?

Market the lifestyle the property affords: When you sell or rent out a property, you are essentially selling a way of life or a welcome escape. When it comes to the specs of your property, promote the idea of luxuriously lounging in the sun, enjoying an al fresco lunch, and sipping a sunset cocktail rather than only listing you have outdoor space, be it a terrace, balcony or sala.

Do you have wonderfully comfortable rooms for an afternoon siesta? Incredible bathrooms to soak bronzed skin and rinse off sand from a day at the beach? What about a swimming pool for cool dips or spectacular vistas looking out at palm trees and ocean views? Sell the dream and keep in mind a profile of would-be purchasers or vacationers. That way you can bring attention to what aspects of your property they would be interested in, from a kids’ pool to a big dining table with views for entertainment and family dinners.

Market the property’s natural environment: Property buyers and holidaymakers are sold by a fantastic view and gorgeous scenery. Think about how the setting may inspire privacy and create a retreat-like energy or how the expanse of the grounds extends out to become part of the beauty of the outdoors beyond the property.

Just as the setting surrounding a gemstone is important, so too is the aspect and environs of your villa, house or apartment. Part of the attraction could be the clean beaches nearby, warm waters, and safe swimming areas. Mountains, green spaces, and natural beauty spots can all be added into your marketing package to add context.

Market the local area: While the pull of a property might be its secluded location; it may also be its proximity to livelier locales. What attractions lie beyond the perimeter and in the region as a whole can enhance a sale or rental. Whether for two weeks or a lifetime, marketing that incorporates what can be seen and done in the local area paints a picture of possibilities.

Are there fabulous beachfront cafes and restaurants where a succulent seafood lunch is enjoyed? What about water sports such as kite surfing and jet skiing for adrenalin lovers?  Where do tourists and residents go, and what do they do? What about a day cruise expedition or experiencing yachting in the French Riviera? If your property is likely to attract families, then where can they go to keep youngsters occupied?

Many countries and areas of the Mediterranean are favorite destinations for families who want to spend better quality time together. The region is ideal for couples too and renowned as a honeymoon location or simply a romantic getaway. Life by the sea also captures the second-home seekers, as well as the retirement market looking for a warm climate and leisure time that is social and thoroughly European.