Successful Property Marketing in Europe

Successful Property Marketing in Europe

Whether you are selling a European property in the luxury real estate market or competing in a wider price bracket, you may need more than the assets of your property to close a sale and exchange contracts. The reality is that how you sell your property may be more important than what you are putting on the market, or at least just as vital. The same is the case if you are looking for tenants for a rental property in Europe.

Do NOT make the biggest owner mistake

As a property owner you may recognize all the wonderful qualities of your prime piece of European real estate, from its best features down to its quirks that give it the x factor. However, expecting potential buyers and tenants to immediately find your hidden gem and spot its worth is not a given. Time to take an objective stance and accept that a marketing strategy could be the next logical step, and here is why:

Stand out against the competition: Real estate and rental markets are far from static. That means that putting your property out there on the market is an ongoing activity. To create a high profile you need to keep up to date with markets, real estate, and rental avenues, as well as promote your property.

Shine a light on your property USPs: In order to really market your property in Europe you need to define its best attributes. What makes your property different or special? Is it the space, the aspect or the setting? Is it the facilities, the décor or the outdoor space? The architecture or the location?

Looks matter: From professional photos to well-written specs, videos to virtual tours, make no mistake that making your property look good is all important. A picture paints a thousand words and the return on investment in creating a sleek presentation can make it worthwhile. You may want to seek out the services of a property expert who can capture the visual selling or renting points of your property. Of course, it is important that interiors are not cluttered and that your property looks good in the first place.

Be visible:  Once your property looks great and you have captured the right image, you then need to make sure that it is seen. From websites to digital and print adverts, advertorials and specialist e-zines, your property will only get noticed if it is out there in the right way.

Understand and reach your market: So, you have the look and the content to show off your property and now comes the crucial element, targeting the right market. In Europe, each country and locale has its own specific market profile. It is essential that you have some concept of who would buy or rent your property and how to target and reach this group effectively. For example, if you are selling a property, consider whether you are appealing primarily to local residents, expats or international investors looking for buy-to-let opportunities.

Get professional help: In today’s fast-moving and competitive real-estate and rental markets, a property expert such as Joanne Baylis can focus on a results-driven strategy. This could ultimately save you time and energy, as well as reach your goals quicker and more easily.