Real Estate: Luxury Property Marketing

To successfully sell real estate for what it is worth or find the ideal tenants, whether short-term vacation lets or long-term leases, requires skill, tenacity, knowledge and connections. Agents often carry out the practical process of sales and rentals yet lack the passion, time and commitment to boost a property’s true potential.

The result? Lower offers from buyers, interest waning as time on the market extends, as well as lost revenues for those property owners aiming for the rental market.

However, real estate is booming across the globe, as is travel and tourism. The opportunities do exist and property owners need a property-marketing expert to act as a catalyst to accelerate results. Try your homes, apartment and condos as property marketing is in.

The Property Owner’s Marketing Partner

Benefiting from the professional perspective of a property sale and rental expert, property owners are able to achieve their sales or rental goals more easily and more readily. Joanne Baylis is a property partner focused on strategizing real estate sales, purchases and rentals.

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