Invest in Marketing to Sell Your Villa

While location, location, location is vital for successful villa sales, a reliable partner and possible contender is also marketing, marketing, marketing. In the competitive world of European real estate, whether second homes, buy-to-let vacation rentals or relocation properties there are two key factors to close a sale. One is that you are selling what buyers want, at the right price, and the other is that you are marketing your villa for sale in the right way, to the right market.

What villa owner wants to do is invest heavily on pre-sale, as this unmistakably eats into any potential profits. However, it is a mistake to be too laissez-faire and expect your villa to sell itself and for buyers to spot its attributes.

With property-for-sale presented on real estate digital platforms and through online communications today, marketing possibilities reach far and wide. However, with a more open and level marketing arena, standing out requires expertise to navigate multimedia avenues and get your villa property noticed and ultimately sold.

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It can be tempting for villa owners to chase a sale with an expensive upgrade such as renovations and redecorating, as well as construction and landscaping. Certainly, spending on a lick of paint or reviving drab and tired interiors could attract interest and reap returns with a sale. Another top tip is to depersonalize space and declutter. The idea is that your taste and possessions do not crowd out potential buyer interest or put them off. The clearer the canvas, the better, unless the unique selling point of your villa is a particular design quality.

Allocating some of your sales budgets to prepping up a villa’s condition is fine as long as you have factored in marketing services too. What is also crucial is to understand and trust that there is an expertise, knowledge, and strategy involved with real estate marketing that is probably beyond your capabilities. In other words, when it comes to putting your Mediterranean villa on the market, it can make financial sense to call in the property marketing experts.

What can your investment in marketing give you in return?

Any spending to sell any property needs to be offset by the speed of sale and hopefully by the profits that are accrued. In other words, it has got to be financially worthwhile. A real estate marketing expert needs to offer you:

  • A clear and transparent sales strategy with adequate monitoring and tracking, as well as quality follow-up and support services.
  • A proven track record of success in marketing villa properties in your location within the same price bracket.
  • Real understanding of the best qualities and unique selling points of your villa.
  • Access to your target market in direct, affordable, and effective ways.
  • Impressive marketing materials, written content and visuals, whether photographs and/or virtual tours and videos.
  • Niché experience in marketing European villas as opposed to general real estate services, since this is a specialist sales climate and environment.
  • An expected timeline and a realistic appraisal of the market at the price tag your villa is on the market for.

Investing in the right villa marketing is a way to find purchasers, woo them, welcome them through the door, and to hand over the key. When marketing works well, it can also secure the best price too since purchasers recognize and appreciate all the excellent plus points your villa has to offer, be that a fantastic view, high ceilings or state-of-the-art fixtures and fittings.

Property specialists need to look beyond the villa grounds to the setting and destination in which the property is located. This 360-degree view and marketing process is what gathers momentum, boosts interest, and keeps offer levels rising.