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Invest in Marketing to Sell Your Villa

While location, location, location is vital for successful villa sales, a reliable partner and possible contender is also marketing, marketing, marketing. In the competitive world of European real estate, whether second homes, buy-to-let vacation rentals or relocation properties there are two key factors to close a sale. One is that you are selling what buyers […]

Vacations Make Career Sense

If you work super-hard before a breakaway and hit the ground running after your getaway, then you are not alone. Vacations are sometimes regarded as a privilege by the career-focused and a guilty pleasure by those who abandon their sun loungers to ‘quickly’ check work emails. However, a holiday away not only feels great, but […]

The Allure Of The Mediterranean

Sunny seaside days, exciting cosmopolitan cities, and the promise of a relaxed lifestyle with an appetizing menu of feel-good, healthy food. It is no surprise that tourists and would-be expats alike flock to the Mediterranean areas of Europe in a bid to experience a slice of the good life. For some, a two-week getaway is […]

Set Sail for Yacht Sales Success

Selling a yacht in Europe may sound a simple voyage. After all, cruising on the Mediterranean is a favorite pastime, and for boat-lovers, yachting is a real passion. For those seafarers who live aboard, even if just some of the time, yachting is beyond an enjoyable interest and is a way of life.